Yet another snow day!

And a whopper of one too! So it kinda goes without saying that we are closed today. I got the call in the wee hours of the morning that market wouldnt be open today, so I did what any proper boy would do. I give my girlie some quality valentines snuggles and then went promptly back to sleep!
Wishing all of you a Happy VD! I sincerely hope that you get to be snowed in with your sweetheart and get to spend some quality time while you send the kids outside to play for a few hours! Have a great day everyone!

OK One More Day Closed

Ok, so, in order to get this promised new menu done, and complete the other random yet important tasks in my life we will be closed AGAIN today, Thursday 16 Jan 2014.  FEAR NOT!!! There is nothing wrong!  No one has the ick!  I simply need time to catch up on things around the house and shop!   There are a plethora of wedding proposals to do, events to plan, as well as a menu to write, plan order for and execute.  This new menu sees an expansion of breakfast, sandwiches and salads.  the expanded menu is not the only thing you will notice different, i have spent great effort scouring the local purveyors to find the best quality product and the cheapest prices. in short, you will notice an almost across the board price drop. 
i have spent the past year not only making your tasty treats, but analyzing my business for strengths and weaknesses.  finding what we can do to make things run better, smoother, and most importantly more quickly especially over the lunch crush of tuesday and thursday.  So I ask you again for your patience and understanding and know that the pains gone through will ultimately give birth to something wonderful and exciting!  Ask almost any mother, they will tell you!
Up coming there are a few events you should be aware of.  Next thursday we are participating, AGAIN, in the chefs challenge at YorKitchen, we also have a private dinner for two cooked for them in their house, and a catered affair on saturday in addition to our expanded market hours and menu. OH, and  starting in March, We are pairing up with YorKitchen to offer Third Friday Dinners, this coincides with the “Pop-Up Shoppes” going on in Central Market, and Bloom Art Market.  This is reservations only kids, so make em early to make sure you get your seat. 
Also if you’re in town this coming first Friday stop by CoWork155 (155 W Market St, York) and check out my photography exhibit, “Upskirts and Other Delights”.  While you’re there, dont forget to grab your voucher for a free cup of soup at the stand.  (Sorry its only First Friday).

Apologies all

We got wiped out by a heavy saturdays business and an amazingly wonderful wedding on sunday, the long and short of it is we won’t be serving today. I am sorry but I would rather dissapoint a little by not being here than dissapoint a lot by serving you substandard food by not at all being prepared. I hope you can forgive us and we will see you on Thurday!

What I won with…

The competition is for three courses. One appetizer one entree and one dessert from each contestant. We had 30, 45, and 35 minutes respectively to come up with a dish to feed, in this case, 32 people.
What I prepared for the appetizer was a “queens apple curry” which is an apple hollowed out and baked and was then filled with a sweet potato crab and red lentil curry. I dusted the apples before baking with a little champagne raspberry tea, and also put some green tea with currants in the curry.
This was followed by a firecracker glazed chicken with sesame tossed sugar snap peas with sliced almonds and a green tea and jasmine infused basmati rice.
And for dessert I made a rooibus infused short biscuit with bourbon peaches, whipped cream, and a ruby red and cinnamon syrup.
It was all delicious! Obviously since I won, but many props go to Howard Cantor of 21 South! Excellent competitor, good friend, and all around good guy!