Our History

I embarked on this expedition almost a full four years ago!  An attempt on my part to bring my madcap culinary adventures to you in order that it may fund many more madcap adventures, from which would arise more madcap culinary treats, which would fund more adventures, you get the idea. Fun for all and all for Fun as it were.

I came by the name as an homage to my grandfather.  A man I dutifully respected and one who instilled in me a love of the sea.  There are several ships bells around the stand to serve as a reminder of some valuable lessons of the sea.  Lessons such as; Taking a different tack is not only advisable but sometimes the only way to get where you are going, A good knot can save your life, Plans fail and ship happens, Storms can blow up out of nowhere, wreak havoc, and disappear, but as long as you can get your bow into the waves and keep your head about you you can usually come out ok.

‘The Busy Bee’ was the nickname of the USS_Biloxi_(CL-80) he served on during World War II.  It was a special ship graced with 2 nicknames, the other was the ‘Double Lucky’.  She earned ‘The Busy Bee’ since she had nine battle stars on her standard and ‘Double Lucky” because she never lost a man in combat, and survived a Kamakazi attack off the coast of Okinawa.  In a surreal twist, in doing research on the ship and just his life in general, I found that the last name of the Captain while he was aboard (Magurl) was also the name of a recently (at that time) passed pet, who was also much loved.  And that pretty much sealed the deal!

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