Happy people, happy pigs!

Pears! pears! pears! As far as the eye can see, and this is only a third of the bounty I have for thee! Sodas, salads, and smoothies oh my.

Happy people, OK, I get it, but why happy pigs?!? Well, I don’t know if you know this but earlier this year we’ve started saving our trimmings and leftovers, and using that which would normally end up in the landfill to feed the pigs! We’re sending them 2 full 5 gallon buckets a week. We could do more but we have only do much space, and must prioritize how we utilize the space we have.  Since we’ve opened we’ve followed through on a belief that sustainability (the ability to produce food with little to no effect on the food chain and the environment of the food chain), organic sourcing (meaning using reusable containers, non petroleum based packaging, and if possible locally and organically grown fruits, vegetables, and meats).  We’re one tiny little outfit in one tiny little town, but imagine if everyone did this. 

Every Person.

Every Restaurant. 

Responsible stewardship of the plants, animals, and land. The air and the water. The things we truly cannot do without. 

So a bucket full of pears for some very happy pigs! 

You are what you eat, and sometimes there’s nothing wrong with being a happy pig!