We’re back……

But in a limited way. I wanted to start the new menu this week, but the god awful mud bog that was the faerie fest put the kaibosch on that. Thank the gods it ended a day early because we have literally spent the past three days cleaning EVERYTHING that we took along.  This has put me days behind. In ordering, in reincorporating everything back into the stands, in just about every aspect of operations, not to mention just how physically exhausted I am.  I literally moved over 2 tons of food and equipment in two days alone.  For the pack up I had help which was greatly appreciated.  But that is still a lot of work for one person. 

Not to mention we made no money during the fest.  And since we were closed at market, we made no money there either. Oh and our hood fan is out of commission so that further limits what we can do!   All in all, crap piled on top of crap on top of crap!

That being said, we are open and have a limited menu today, as of right now I know we will be making falafels, firecracker chicken, and a few others.  We have soups and and a few other things as well. So stop by and see what I can put together at a moment’s notice! 

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