A note of appreciation and thanks

I really appreciate all of your patience in dealing with the haphazard and chaotic mess that has been the 🐝 for the past few weeks.  We are trying our best to deal with what has seemed to be an unending series of disappointments and frustrations! I would say it’s darkest before the dawn but that seems to me to be inviting trouble. I will say that I appreciate every one of you who has continued supporting us and who has recommended us to friends and family for that is how you know you’re doing something right.  I personally feel a restaurant should never advertise. You, our customers, do that for us.  Everytime I overhear, and it happens a lot, someone walking by with a friend or relative saying you should eat here it’s really good, I am proud. Proud of the work we do, proud of where we are, proud of the relationship we have built over the years. But mostly I am honored to be of service to all of you. Thank you.