This too is an ordinary fridge

A fridge like many others, but today it was the focus of my ‘class project’. What did we do? Compressor replacement! Did it work? YES!!! 

Why?, you ask did I say we? Because I had help.  Admit to that, you say? Yes for sure, like any industry there is a specialized knowledge that accrues over time, and I have the benefit of having the knowledge of a seasoned veteran at my disposal. Show me some tricks, some bad habits, the true difference between theory and practice. He even chuckled at my innocence and naivety at some of the questions I asked and pronouncements I made. But then faithfully answered the questions and commented on my  ideas. It was a great time, I learned lots, and never ever has a compressor replacement been so enjoyable for both body and soul. I thank you my friend, and look forward to our next adventure!

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