If this was you….

Please, please, please! If there is ANYTHING, EVER that doesn’t meet with your satisfaction, let me The Chef, The Jerk in Charge, personally know immediately.
I wish I knew what you had and that you were unhappy with it, I would have done whatever I could to make it right!
I am personally sorry that your experience was so disappointing. If you should give us another chance please let us know about your previous experience, if only to let us know so may not get a repeat situation.
I thank you for your honest feedback, and hope fervently we get the chance to serve you again.


Help Wanted

We at the bee have an opening for a creative, hard working, self starter, with at least a modicum of culinary experience, who understands practical culinary necessity, and has a well developed sense of urgency. Free food, fizz, and fun provided, and pay is commensurate with experience, this is a part time position for the moment but will expand in due time with the business. Contact us to set up an interview at the.busy.bee@comcast.net, stop by the stand, or give a call at 717.825.0866 (LEAVE A MESSAGE)

Some sad news today

Well not really sad for me, but as Lord of the Hive, I have decreed that today and Saturday shall be “BeeFree Days” at the market! That’s right I’ve extended our meager three day vacation to a week, so we will see your shining smiling faces next week! Hope you are all having a wonderful time and we will see you next week!