Hey You Guys!

“We’re gonna turn it on
We’re gonne give you the power
The light to see the world in a whole new way….”
Anybody remember that show?!

Coming up I’m going to need your votes! We have been asked to compete in a Thomas’ English Muffin competition, and if we win there’s a pretty good cash prize! As soon as it becomes available we will link the site, so you can go vote!

Bad news boys and girls!

as is want to happen in the hectic and very dangerous world of the kitchen, I was scalded by hot soup today.  It covers most of my forearm and there are a few spots on my chest, so I am returning to the house to nurse my wounds and will not be fizzing it up today! I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and I will be back on Thursday to froth up some goodness for you!