Chocolate Mesquite Beestie


Hey boys and girls check this out! If youre lucky enough to be attending a fundraising event this evening you will get to taste this deliciousness of a chocolate mesquite tenderloin of beef shaved and paired in a petite tortilla cup with a fresh made mango salsa.  We also did a Smoked Salmon wrapped around Fresh Cucumber and Grilled Asparagus which was anchored and topped by a house made Lemon and Dill Whipped Cream Cheese! The rewards of being politically active!

Yet another snow day!

And a whopper of one too! So it kinda goes without saying that we are closed today. I got the call in the wee hours of the morning that market wouldnt be open today, so I did what any proper boy would do. I give my girlie some quality valentines snuggles and then went promptly back to sleep!
Wishing all of you a Happy VD! I sincerely hope that you get to be snowed in with your sweetheart and get to spend some quality time while you send the kids outside to play for a few hours! Have a great day everyone!