What I won with…

The competition is for three courses. One appetizer one entree and one dessert from each contestant. We had 30, 45, and 35 minutes respectively to come up with a dish to feed, in this case, 32 people.
What I prepared for the appetizer was a “queens apple curry” which is an apple hollowed out and baked and was then filled with a sweet potato crab and red lentil curry. I dusted the apples before baking with a little champagne raspberry tea, and also put some green tea with currants in the curry.
This was followed by a firecracker glazed chicken with sesame tossed sugar snap peas with sliced almonds and a green tea and jasmine infused basmati rice.
And for dessert I made a rooibus infused short biscuit with bourbon peaches, whipped cream, and a ruby red and cinnamon syrup.
It was all delicious! Obviously since I won, but many props go to Howard Cantor of 21 South! Excellent competitor, good friend, and all around good guy!